Saturday, April 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Hello, Good day to you all. You all know what today is right? Well if you don't I'll tell you. On the 11th of every month, me as well as some other great authors post 7 lines from their work in progress or a completed work. This month I will be doing it from a completed work. The Sacrifice was just released on the 31st. I usually do a little more than the 7 lines, mostly because I hate leaving it unfinished.When you are done don't forget to check out the others, Steph Nuss has a giveaway.......
So here it is....
“What the heck?” He said and I looked in time to see the Demon breaking through the border and heading straight for us. He was huge. Bigger than Sebastian and I put together. He had oily looking skin and black bumps on his head where his eyes should be. His nose was a line above his mouth that had razor sharp teeth in three rows on the top and three rows of sharp teeth on the bottom.
“That should have set off the alarms. He broke through and no alarm was sounded.” He sounded worried and it only made me more nervous. And he threw the dagger at the Demon and it grunted as it pulled it out of its arm. “Throw your dagger aim for his head,” He said and I did.
But I missed his head and got it in his neck. The blood oozed out of the hole where he ripped the dagger out. The smell made me gag. It’s stronger and smells nastier up close. He dropped the dagger to the ground and looked right at me. I froze he’s big and scary and I’m not ready for this. These are just stories that were told to keep kids good and scared to be out after dark, not something that was real and I was supposed to be fighting off to save lives.
Sebastian took his potion and threw it at the Demon. He erupted into flames instantly, but nothing happened. “Throw your potion,” He yelled to me, and I did as he said. When my potion hit him, he erupted into more flames burning him deeper and deeper, but he still didn’t die.
Sebastian called for the dagger that was on the ground near the Demons feet and he threw that into the Demon opening up a big wound on the side of his face. The flames grew bigger around his blood and Sebastian threw another dagger at the Demon getting him in the head. He roared with pain as the flames soared around his head and ate apart the wound that was left from the dagger. 
You can get The Sacrifice here.

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