Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Well the countdown has started for Possessed book 2 of the Luna Series release date.  April 12th is coming closet and closer and I can't explain how excited that makes me.

What gets me excited is you. I am so grateful to have other people read my books besides my family. I have my kids helping me create names and a scene here and there if they ask me to help, and of course I can't tell them no.

A little treat from Possessed is Rebecca accidently turns one of the witches during a battle and since she was so focused on that witch she and the others didn't notice Jeffrey (the demon) kidnapping Alana and taking her to the Underworld. Not many witches and warlocks come out of the underworld fully together since their powers are useless down there. But they kick ass. Clarisse discovers a power she didn't even realize she had and that helps Save all of their lives in more than one occasion.

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