Monday, May 12, 2014


Possessed is out now!

It's a race against the clock as the Luna Covenant battles the new Demon in town!
While investigating the area to figure out what happened to her friend Dave, Rebecca and John mysteriously get possessed by a Demon. The rest of the Covenant must find a way to rid them of these Demons before they can get a hold of Annie, a doll that holds an enormous amount of power, and use it to kill them all! On their journey to stopping these Demons, Clarisse and Sean must travel to a mysterious, secret island to track down a rare ingredient; a Witch gets slashed by a Werewolf; and Alana gets kidnapped and taken to the Underworld- where the Covenant is powerless. Amidst the chaos, though, sparks still manage to fly... will anyone find their mate during the process? And will anyone be able to save Rebecca and John? Can they rescue Alana from the Underworld? And will the members of the Luna Covenant be able to stop the Demons- once and for all- from stealing Annie, taking its powers, and killing everyone?
Find out in the pages of...
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