Sunday, January 11, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Hello everyone! How was the holiday season? For me it was hectic and fun and full of family and friends. I am excited to announce to you that I have finally finished my WIP and it is due out March 31st.
After learning that Milissa was captured Rebecca goes into labor and is forced to stay behind while the others go on a wild goose chase. Rebecca went into labor due to dark magic, and although she lives, she can't heal herself like before and the only doctor they have has been knocked out to keep her from being able to deliver the babies alive. She faces many complications that leave her on the brink of death with each new obstacle. The closer to death she gets the weaker Sebastian gets because she is drawing on all of his strength to keep her and her unborn babies alive. Milissa was kidnapped and is going to be used as a sacrificial element in a ritual for a man to gain more power. Now Alana is forced to make a decision, save Milissa and sacrifice Rebecca and her babies or save Rebecca and her babies and Sacrifice Milissa? Can she choose? Do they save both? Can they stop the ritual from happening; which in turn saves Milissa's soul from burning in hell for eternity.
During this months Blog hop I will give you a peak into how Alana feels about having to chose and what it does to her thinking about the decision she is forced to make. When you are done reviewing my seven lines be sure you go and check out the other lovely authors and their seven lines. Some of them have giveaways going on too so be sure to enter those.

“What if we can’t save them both?” I asked as I turned my head away and went to look through the book again.
“What do you mean, what if?” he asked me.
“I mean, how do I choose between saving one of them if we can’t save both of them? I can’t do it, I won’t do it,” I said my voice wavering a little as I tried to stay strong.
“You won’t have to.” Taking me in for another hug the waterworks started and I just lost control.
“You don’t know that," I said inbetween sobs. I wiped away my falling tears and said, "I can’t lose Rebecca again, and I can’t lose Milissa. I don’t know how to choose between the two. Yes Choosing the one in the obvious danger is the way to go, but Rebecca will be left here alone and defenseless. Yashira will be here, but how much help will she be if something happens and Rebecca needs healing?”

Now let's go check out some more authors and dont forget to check if they have giveaways!

This is a late entry but welcome her and check out her blog as well. YA friendly. No giveaway

Author NameBlog AddressGenreAppropriate for readers under 18?Do you have a giveaway this month? List details below.
Steph Nusshttp://stephnuss.comcontemporary romanceNoNo
Heather Hildenbrandwww.heatherhildenbrand.blogspot.comYA PNRyesyes. signed pb giveaway. To enter: sign up for my mailing list:
Kayla Smithwww.kaybaby213.blogspot.comYAyesno
S. M. Boyce
Alicia Sheehy
Bethany Lopezhttp://bethanylopez.blogspot.comNA RomanceNo
GoodReads Giveaway
Justine Winter ParanormalNo
Nope :)
SC Ellingtonwww.scellington.comContemporary RomanceNo
Amanda Akselamandaaksel.blogspot.comWomen's fictionno

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