Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seven 11 Blog Hop!!!

Well, as you know it is that time again! Today marks our 1 year anniversary for doing this blog hop! 1 year! That time went crazy fast.  so much has happened in that time frame that I didn't even realize we were just flying on by.
Well today is Amanda's Birthday. And she is doing a really good thing with her birthday. she wants to share a campaign that she is doing with Charity Water. They bring clean water to third world countries and she is asking people to donate what ever you can give so she can reach her goal of $750!!!! Well Happy Birthday Amanda! And what a great way to use your birthday wishes, helping people.
We have a few giveaways this month too, and I was supposed to have a new release today, but that isn't happening something prevented it, so we will have that by next month the latest.
Any way here are seven lines from my current WIP and something completely different from what I've written so far. This is still so new I haven't even given it a name yet.

“Why did she die? She wasn’t sick! She should have survived that!” I yelled toward my father. I didn’t hear the answer as I felt strong arms come around me and lift me up away from Betsy. I didn’t fight it, I let him carry me away to my room, the only safe place I know. When Roy placed me on my bed and moved to leave me there alone I grabbed onto him with all my might. He turned towards me and sat down beside me.

Ok, well now go check out these other authors and their giveaways. And don't forget to donate to Water Charities. You can do that here.

Amanda Aksel - Her Giveaway 
Heather Hildenbrand- Her Giveaway
Steph Nuss - Her Giveaway
Justine Winter
Felicia Tatum 

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