Monday, July 21, 2014


Luna- available at amazon creatspace smashwords and any other ebook stores. This one is about Monika finding her real family and coming into some very powerful powers, while facing some difficult times with finding her mate, and him on the verge of death, and also meeting her patents after they absconded her. They go into a battle with werewolves and when they come out of that battle, she is forever changed.

Possessed currently only available on Amazon and creatspace.
In this book Rebecca and John ate Possessed by Demons and even they finally figure out how to get the demon out something happens to Milissa and Alana and John are kidnapped and taken to the Underworld.  Rebecca and a few of the others risk their lives to go and get them back but face several obstacles on the way to them. Oh yeah did I tell you their powers don't work in the Underworld? So with no powers and a place filed with Demons they try to get Alana and John out. Is it possible???

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