Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven 11 blog hop

Today is the first ever Seven 11 blog hop. what this is, is we post 7 lines from a completed book or a work in progress. I have decided to post from a work in progress, this is from Return to Pandora book 1 in the Pandora Series. 

“First, what age do we live in? No one does arranged marriages anymore. Second, I refuse to marry someone I do not love and I will not marry someone old enough to be my father either. And last, how are you two going to help me defeat Christina; because from where I am standing I don’t need either one of you, all I need is Zackary and my mother. From there on out everyone else can go suck on something.” I held them all to the wall while I pulled Zack inside the house with me. After I closed the door I waited a few more seconds then released my hold on them. I heard the familiar thud as they all dropped to the porch, then I continued to walk to the kitchen to grab a drink and a snack.

Now come check out some more from some more amazing authors. - Amanda Aksel - Steph Nuss - Shawn Mcguire - SM Boyce - Heather Brewer


  1. I love the sarcastic banter in the beginning of that teaser! 'Everyone else can go suck on something.' << Love it!

  2. Thanks. Ive been trying to add more of my sass in there.