Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Hello, and good day to you all. today is the seven 11 blog hop. Which means I'll be posting 7 lines from a completed work or from a work in progress. After you are done reading my seven lines check out the other amazing authors who are involved. 

This month I'm doing  new WIP since I am participating in the national novel writing month challenge I'm working on book three to the Luna Series. Ok, as usual I did a little more than 7 lines, but I couldn't leave out half of the paragraph. Anyway enjoy ;)

“I’m sorry, but you cannot use me as a sacrifice. I’m not even sure what you are. And why me; just because I happened to be walking down the street? I’m sorry but there is no way I’m sacrificing my life to help you.” and I ran through the back door and behind the store. There are a few apartment buildings there ne brown three stories high and two gray ones also three stories high. The paint on the buildings were faded and chipped as if they didn’t care too much for the appearance and several cars lined the small driveway. I ran down the hill and through the fence. I didn’t see him so I ran even faster. I had no idea why my powers weren’t working but I needed to resort to something else. So I became a wolf. With my wolf speed and hearing I could hear if he was coming after me without even looking behind me. I ran until I felt my powers come back; I rounded the corner onto South Street and then I teleported mid stride and landed in the backyard. And to my horror, so did the guy who wanted to kidnap me. The last thing I saw was a tan colored cloth bag going over head and body.

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