Friday, November 21, 2014

Sneak peek of The Sacrifice

When I came to I was tied to what resembled a cross I was stretched out with my feet and hands tied to a pole at each side of my body and my head held in place by a restraint as well. From what I could make out I was in a field somewhere and there was a huge stack of wood piled neatly in the form of a tee pee. On my left, from what I could see, there was another cross like fixture with a male attached it. His eyes where closed but from his physic and his facial features I could tell he was handsome. He has tanned skin and brown hair he looks to be about the same size as my kidnapper, but he looks much stronger than him. His clothes are torn and dirty and he looks to have been here a day longer than me. 

At studying his clothes I realized that I should be naked, since I was a wolf when I was taken. I looked down at my not so naked body and realized I was wearing a tan dress; the material was soft and flexible. I tried to turn into a wolf to cut myself free, but something was stopping me from turning. My wrists and ankles hurt too, probably from the restraints, I wonder if they were dipped in Wolfsbane to keep me from turning and keep me weak. 

I looked to my right to see another cross like structure and I was relieved to find that one empty. That means I still have time to figure out a way to get the heck out of here. I tried calling to Rebecca, I could sense her, but I couldn't reach her. I knew she was there just beyond my reach. That pissed me off more. I needed to hear my Alpha and speak to her and have her come and help me and the other victim who was hanging right beside me.

 So I did the only thing I thought of that may help out, calling attention to ourselves. I know this isn’t exactly smart since I could feel my skin burning where the restraints holding me in place and they would examine it, but I needed help and I wasn’t about to become some sacrificial element to give this covenant or whatever the heck they were more power. I screamed at the top of my lungs until I couldn’t scream any more. "HELP ME!" over and over again. Eventually the guy beside me woke up and looked startled but relieved to have me awake.

"It's nice to see they didn’t kill you like the other wolf they captured." he said aiming his eyes to the right of me at the empty structure. "My name is Dante. I’m a warlock, part of no coven, and they took me because they need wanderers to complete this ritual." he said as if he knew I didn’t know anything, and in which case I didn’t. His bright blue eyes made a beautiful contrast to his tanned skin and my pulse sped up a bit when he looked at me. I felt it. But I’m not sure if it’s from the situation I’m in or if it really is what I think it is; the sign of him being my true mate. 

That thought made me want to get out of here even more. How bizarre, it took me to be captured by some psycho to find my mate. I chastised myself, I don’t even know if that was exactly what it was and I’m already getting ahead of myself. "My name is Milissa, I’m part of the Luna covenant recently turned into a wolf and my Alpha actually co-leads the Luna covenant." his look made me stop since what I’m saying probably didn’t make any sense. "It's a long story but we are the most powerful covenant around right now and if anyone can save us, it's them. I just can’t seem to get in touch with my Alpha." I said sounding puzzled as to why I couldn’t reach her. 

"It's the field. It’s been used for decades to hide the rituals that go on in here and keeps the beings that they capture secured without being able to use their powers, whatever they may be, and even the wolf's ability to communicate with their Alpha. We have no way to reach them, or anyone else. Were alone in this." he said sounding defeated. A pang of guilt or sorrow shot through me at the sadness in his voice. 

"How long have you been here?" I asked him afraid of the answer.”

"Two days." he said then added "The ritual will take place in two more days. They need a vampire to complete it, andthey need to do it when there is a full blue moon. Unless you're a supernatural being you cannot see the blue moon, it is when we are at our highest with magical energy." he looked at me to study my reaction, but I’ve been a witch my whole life I know all of this so I just nod for him to continue. "With our magic being at the highest level, that is when they do the ritual, to take our powers so they can grow and strive.”

Holly crap this is what we were looking for all along. The disappearing people and the vampire problems were going to start a war with the vamps for nothing it wasn’t them. I can’t allow this to happen. I pulled and pulled on my restraints to no avail. The outcome only resulted in me screaming in pain at the burn coming from the restraints. "Milissa, you have to stop, you're only going to hurt yourself if you keep trying to get free, these people are good at what they do, they have been doing this for a very long time, they know how to restrain you so you can’t get free." Dante said with a hint of frustration in his tone. That small hint of frustration is the only thing that kept me still; he’s trying to protect me, but how? He can’t even touch me, and were both going to die. 

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