Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Just checking in

I have been very busy planning this and that. Juggling a ton of things all at once, and I think I have finally managed to ease it all down to nice steady pace. I can come on here and post to you all, I can write more of my book, I can just sit back and relax. It feels so good not having any extra stress to dwell on.
How much time do you spend on reading? How much time do you dedicate to your job(s)? Is there something in there that you are missing, or wanting to do more of? Or are you one of the few people who have everything worked out to an exact science? I need to read a book a week. I went a few months without reading and I asked myself why I felt so, so closed off. That is when I remembered the last time I read a book was at least a month and a half ago. I picked up a book and started to read. The next thing I know I am done and picking up the second and third. I finished the whole series in four days. I did nothing of what I needed to do, like write, clean, cook. I did the showering and going to my full time job, but everything else took a back burner.
Getting lost in those books helps me relieve my stress, it's what helps me escape reality long enough to become someone else and rid myself of the stress of my everyday life.
I figured out, if I come home once a week and relax by reading I feel like a whole new person. I can achieve anything after my mind, body, and soul have been transported to another dimension. I also realized that trying to cram everything into one week, when it should take three or more, is a good way to drive myself to the loony bin. I would like to stay here. Where I am comfortable and able to do as I please.
So my releases I had planned out in the beginning of the year are not going to happen. I have already missed my deadline for the 3rd Pandora book, and the others are falling back because of it. I still plan on having two more out by the end of the year, but the 5 I planned are long gone. I'm sorry. Crap happened and I became completely unmotivated to do anything.
Well, I hope you have a stress free week and remember, by slipping away into a book once in a while you become a happier version of yourself.

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