Monday, August 11, 2014

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Oh-Kay every one here is the second ever Seven 11 blog hop. I am going to post seven lines from a work in progress. This is from Return to Pandora book 1 in the Pandora Series. If you read last months blog hop you were able to get a little look at what was going on. I am planning for this book to be out in November. After you are done please go and check out these other amazing authors. 

We didn’t try to fight though, we were just trying get a good grasp on how to handle his mind thing. We tried this for a few hours until we just gave up and started to use our physical powers, like moving people and things. And to my surprise I was able to get him and hold him to the only tree in the yard. I held him there and tried calling on my power to control the elements. I felt the wind come and swirl around me waiting for my command on where to go next. I saw his face go from being cocky to completely surprised as he watched me have the wind carry him away. I made it swirl around the yard and I brought him high to the tops of the bushes, and back down almost touching the ground, and just when he thought I was done I made it spin super fast like he was caught in a tornado. I watched it swirl around with leaves from the bushes swirling around with it.I made it flatten out so he would slide down it and he landed with giant grin plastered on his face.

Before you go on to there pages here are a few things you should know.  Steph Nuss has a signed paperback copy of her new book on Goodreads.

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Now enjoy these other seven lines from some great authors: - Amanda Aksel - Steph Nuss - Shawn Mcguire


  1. I wish I had those kinds of super powers. Could come in handy. . .especially on a Monday.